Apr 05


Applying for jobs is starting to feel a lot like



Mar 16

Tea Is No Substitute For Sleep



Sometimes naps are far better than tea for rejuvenating. Sorry tea. I still love you lots. 

This is so true.  Tea is wonderful but it is no substitute for sleep and rest.

Anna always says “sleep is no substitute for caffeine.” 

Mar 16

Ned is one of my favorite people. 

Feb 01

Fifty Shades of Copyright Infringement

I kind of want to steal Fifty Shades of Grey, tone down the sex scenes, take out some of the sex scenes, and re-sell it under a different title, promoting it as a novel about emotional abuse instead of BDSM. I bet it would be more highly regarded. 

Dec 18

roseapprentice asked: "Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself and send to ten of your favourite followers!" Well, you don't have to, but it would be cool no?

Oh, man, where do I begin? Haha. Okay. 

1. I REALLY like my comic. I think I’m probably my biggest fan. 

2. I enjoy talking to myself. 

3. I often think I’m pretty. 

4. I crack myself up sometimes. 

5. If I played any game against myself, I think I could win. 

Dec 10





I think Cosmo did some justice on this one

I feel this to my core. 

Lol at #3. Seriously my friends family is obsessed With Bebe and it’s all plain clothing that costs way too much and barely anyone can fit into it


Totally, except I don’t care about #8 (especially if you ARE a similar size). If a thin person asked to borrow my clothes, I’d be like, what? You mean for your mom or something? I’d be confused, but not offended. 

Dec 06




On the left we have the lyrics from Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. On the right we rape survivors participating in Project Unbreakable, showing the various things that were said to them by their rapist.

From the Mouths of Rapist: The Lyrics to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

i think this is the most powerful photoset i’ve ever seen on tumblr.

Reblogging until you understand why this song is so vile

Dec 05

Looking for lyrics

Can anyone give my the lyrics to the song “Donkey Punch Gone Wrong” by Breaking Laces? I heard it once on Pandora and I can’t find the lyrics anywhere, or the song, for that matter, not even on iTunes. So weird - it’s like the 90’s again. 

Nov 29


a public service announcement

YES!!! Please spread the message! 

Nov 09

Write Before You Write: Copyrights and Creative Freedom →


I wrote a blog post about why I allow fan works for profit. Please share if you think this is a good idea, and I’d like to know what you think of it! 

Nov 03

Self-Confidence and Humility

I was just thinking, I think self-confidence and humility go hand in hand. I don’t think humility is about feeling small or worthless. I think it’s really about being at peace with yourself, and allowing yourself to be truly awed by other people or ideas, not comparing yourself to them. And I think this is what allows us to really connect on a deep level, like we’re all valuable, we don’t need to worry about our value, and we can work together towards the same goals if we want to, rather than competing against each other. 

And I don’t think self-confidence is really about being (or trying to be) superior to other people. I think it’s about being at peace with yourself, so you don’t NEED superiority and all those other things that might look like confidence, but really create an internal world of anxiety. 

This is all an ideal, of course. Most people feel jealousy and superiority and worthlessness, all at some times, and that’s okay. I just don’t think that we need to MAKE ourselves get trapped in those feelings because of some artificial ideals about humility and self-confidence. 

Nov 03

Where Are The Mary Sues?

I wish TV Tropes would list examples on the Mary Sue page, because whenever a character is considered a Mary Sue, I usually like the story, and I want to know of more stories that I would like. 

"No, you’re wrong. Mary Sue is a writing flaw." 

I don’t care. I like what I like. 

Nov 02

lifehouse halloween! →




very outdated I know
but I can’t find anything more recent for halloween haha
gonna stalk each of them later on twitter and instagram but in the meantime enjoy this :D

Yay =) That’s my comic. 

wow you’re in tumblr, this is great :D
thanks for the lifehouse comics, I love them so much :3

Thank you, and you’re welcome =) They were so much fun to make. 

Nov 01

lifehouse halloween! →


very outdated I know
but I can’t find anything more recent for halloween haha
gonna stalk each of them later on twitter and instagram but in the meantime enjoy this :D

Yay =) That’s my comic. 

Oct 15